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Privacy Policy

We thank you for the trust on us and welcome you both as a visitor or our registered user) and sincerely care how information shared by you about yourself is used and shared, and the same would be managed with great care The Personal information shared by within good control of yourself, however, without letting us know who you are with the requisite details about yourself, we expect you to not visit our website at any time. For us at, we place the greatest importance on our customer relationship, that is with you and are sincerely commented to ensure security and confidentiality of your shared information with us at We are very focused on our privacy practice and would like to ensure you that will be protect the information shared by you , during using our services. This notice in detail describes our privacy policy. By visiting us at, it is understood without any condition that you are accepting our practices stated in this Policy document. In further agreement and consent, given us permission in collecting, processing, utilization, processing and sharing your personal data, as per the conditions described in this policy document.

Please Note: Important:

1. Our privacy policy is subject to change, at any time without any form or notice, at the discretion of the management. We expect you to review our policy in periodic manner, to ensure you are aware of any changes and updates. By visiting our visiting our website, you completely agree to be bounded by the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy. Incase if you do not agree, we request and expect you to please not access our website. As soon you utilize our websites,   you confirm your consent to the use and disclosure of your personal information, by us, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy has been incorporated into as subject to the Terms of Use.

Your Data- Shared with us: 

Our servers securely store the information you enter on our website or through any other initiative 

Definition of information includes you full name, email, website user id, user password, mobile number, gender, your date of birth, your present address and delivery address, your eye prescriptions, gifter's names, gifting message but does not include any financial details: Credit or Debit Card or Net- Banking details.  Secured serves and .or in cookies of your computer would stores these details. We offer you the choice of the certain information; however it would not stop you in enjoying the features at our website.  The information shared by yourself, would be utilized in effectively engaging with you, your requests and queries, customizing our approach in communicating effectively with you, in utilizing/disclosing, ensuring no prejudice to any your rights for the same, in case of commercial or non- commercial purposes, which we at would have the sole discretion and considers important for our commercial activities and endeavors. You can add, update and review information, by emailing us at; in case of updates we normally have a copy stored of previous version for purpose of records management.

2. Information saved in Auto Mode : When we engage with you, we receive information in various types and store this information on our servers.  Logs at our servers for all your activities are saved for purpose of Analysis, Diagnosis, and correction purposes.  However, we don’t save any other personal information by our organization in the logs, other than the IP address of your machines, from where you are accessing our website.

3. Information Retention:  The data shared with us by you, will be retained but us, as long as it will ensure our business endeavors of short and long terms required them to be fulfilled unless this retention period has a new framework law the permits us to follow a particular timeframe.

4. E-mails: To ensure our communication through email is value-added, a confirmation email as a response to our email sent to you,  is requested from you based on the capabilities of your IT assets, 

5. Information sharing by us:  We may share the information shared by us, with the intent of providing you with good services to our service providers, partners, and affiliates of the company.  However, when the data is shared with any third parties, we ensure we take steps, we ensure we take all steps, and enter in contracts with these partners to maintain levels of data protection similar to ours. We will update you when other businesses that are involved with us, responsible in servicing your transactions, we will therefore share, use or disclose customer data, that are important to process the transaction with that business, to ensure you fulfill the transaction Your personal data may be stored, processed and stored outside India.  Your consent is confirmed as your use our services.

6. Images and Pictures.: Whenever there is a submission  (or permission granted to take) a picture, facial scans, or image of yours, we would like to ensure you that images or pictures or your face scans or any facial data are not shared with any third parties, but it may be utilized as shared below.

7. In measuring your pupillary distance, face width, and to gather other relevant optical data.

8. In mapping and measuring your facial features

9. To address your problems or concerns with your glasses

10. In formulating  a  better understanding of how our frames will  fit our customers and provide you with good  frame recommendations

11. Business Growth and Transfers:  We are focused to grow our business and expand in new markets, creating great value for all our stakeholders from our customers to our internal and external customers and our investors.  As we keep growing, there may be possibilities of us being merged or acquired in parts or whole by any company, In case of such development, we promise to continuously protect our customer information as per the policies and guidelines.  You therefore hereby consent us specifically and grant us all the permission to the disclosure and transferring of information to such third parties

12. Company Protection: When we believe is appropriate in compliance with the law and enforce or apply our Terms and Conditions and other such agreements and other such agreements, or protect the rights, property, or safety of the company and our users or other, it's only then we release account or other personal information.

Your information is protected by us using SSL Software: Secure Sockets Layer during process of transmission, when credit card or net banking details are entered by yourself.   The SSL layer encrypts the input information.  Consistent re-evaluation of our privacy and security policies are undertaken to adapt to the changing IT environments and their challenges.  We will never sell or rent out your personal information, irrespective of reasons, except if

(i) There is a valid legal request out forth to us a law enforcement officer or government agency or

(ii) where we have received your consent.

(iii) For the purpose of statically analysis and representation without any disclosure of personal data. The information shared by you will be stored on our secured company servers and systems.  We follow and practice secure and reasonable security practices and respective procedures which are unique to the company’s practice for Security.   Our practice involves key measures but not limited to protection of password, access limitations to specified personnel on a need to know basis and all such security measures that include encryption when required along with physical security measures required to ensure unauthorized access to our server and systems and other important information that resides on such servers and systems. Our security practices protect unauthorized access to, or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of the data /information. This security practice encompasses managerial, technical, and operational and security control measures, that commensurate with the information assists that are being protected and with the present nature of business, you will acknowledge and agree that security practices and processes as mentioned above are reasonable and are structured to protect the information shared with us.  Therefore only numbers of your accounts as required will be revealed, that will enables us to access and provide you with all the services that are related to your account. We take every effort to allow our customers to retain the anonymity of their identity and allow your freedom to choose a Login ID email address and password that would ensure anonymity of your personal data. Your registration information and financial data is strictly restricted to those of our employees and partners/contractors, strictly on a need to know basis only, with the intent to seamlessly operate and /or improve the services rendered. These employees or partners, if they fail to meet these obligations, would be subject to discipline that may/will include termination and criminal prosecution. With the expectation of your login ID, in the form of an email address that may be shared on an anonymous basis and your third party accounts information that is required for rendering you services. Any information that might constitute personally identifiable information will not be required by the company. We expect you to protect any unauthorized access to your password and/or to your devices, therefore to ensure you sign off when you finish using your shared devices. As described in this agreement and with your consent, we will from time to time basis connect to your online bank, credit card and other financial accounts, electronically to process your order. Third parties like logistic partners to manage, will be utilized by us to deliver your order to your delivery address. 

We request you to read the terms and conditions of our company at this link ( Once you choose to visit our website, your visit and any related dispute related to privacy will be subject to this agreement, that will include limitations on damages, arbitration of disputed and the related application of  Indian Law.  In case if you have any concern about your privacy, please send us a detailed description, we will focus on resolving it appropriately.

Businesses change consistently, we expect for our business, therefore to keep up with updated times this notice and terms and conditions of our website will change as and when required.  The information gathered with us will be subject to the privacy policy in effect at the time of use.  Periodic email reminders of our notices and conditions may be emailed to you, unless not instructed to do so. However, you should ensure you check our website frequently to see any changes.

We would be glad to provide all the assistance to you in cases, you have any queries or have any concerns pertaining to this Security and Privacy policy. Kindly contact us at

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the device to enable various features of User preferences and their trends are tracked and stored in Cookies, enabling to enhance your experience journey and therefore consistently improve our services rendered to you.

Cookie settings can also be changed by you, where you can accept or not accept them in your browser setting.  In case you accept a cookie, we, therefore, agree to our use of any personal information by us, that is collected in the cookie

When the use a third party to host and serve any content, we may arrange a common identity to be shared between the third party and us to enable us to accurately measure the traffic and its usage. This includes but is not limited to usage of AMP client's IDs in Google Analytics for Accelerated mobile pages, that are served by Google on our behalf

In the process of registering with us and or using our website, you authorize us to communicate and contact you via emails, sums, Whatsapp, and or phone call and offer you a gamut of our services, impart product details, offer great schemes and amazing offers that be running on our website, along with offers offered by our associated third parties, for which reason, collection of personally identifiable information would be collected. 

You here grant us permission to call you from for the above-mentioned purposes till 365 days from the date of your registration, irrespective of the fact, that even if you have also registered yourself and your contact details under DND or DNC or NCPR service.

This Privacy policy covers Spexfree's treatment of information that is personally identifiable, that we will collect, when you are on Spexfree's website, and also when you use Spexfree ’s services.  This policy also covers Spexfree ’s treatment of information that is personally identifiable that business partners share with The policy is not applicable to practices of companies that does not own or control or to people that doesn’t manage or employ. collects information that is personally identifiable, whenever you register for a account, when you use services or products or when pages are visited by you, or when you participate in promotions. may also receive identifiable information from our business partners.

During registration at , we request your email id, contact no’s, first name, last name, DOB, Gender.  On completion of your registration at and after you sign it to our services; you are no more anonymous to .  Also during registration, we ask you mobile and email no or any such device for you to receive text messages, updates, notifications and other services to your wireless devices.  By completing the registration process you authorize to send sums/email alerts to you for your login detail and other service requirements and or promotional/ advertising emails/ messages from us.  


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