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About Us

An enthusiastic team that always challenge the future, break the status quo, ask questions that enforces charters and travel across unknown courses, creating a NEW Normal, but with a clear cause and deep substance.

Our passion lives in Eyewear Industry , our love is to create value for our customers, as we strongly intend to create and drive a irreversible eyewear revolution, that would change the way people buy their eyewear and enjoy this freedom to choose better and more.

India is a blind capital Globally , along with that majority of Indians need prescription eyewear, but unfortunately many of those have little or no access to the both eyewear and freedom of choice, due to the prices of eyewear. We have analyzed this greatly and as a cause of great cause to address and opportunity to service, was created.

Our Mission - FREEDOM

We aim to present our customers with Freedom to Look good, Freedom to see clearer, Freedom choose more, Freedom to Shine, Freedom to Excel, Freedom to be you , Freedom to see the world better, by offering them great designs and good quality , that would suit all their occasions , at various stages of their lives and their loved ones.

Vision - To ensure that every Individual has the right to great eyewear products at prices that don’t pinch your pockets, supported by a great customer service experience that is always glad, open and eager to hear you and find the best possible means to address your queries , requirement or concerns.

We aim to address the demand of good eyewear and eye well-being across the length and depth of India, with great products and amazing service.

We aim to ensure eyewear become an very affordable part of your purchase, we aim to ensure you can afford to have eyewear for all occasions , we aim to have eyewear a strong part of your wardrobe, for prices that were never ever heard off.


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